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Shawky Fahel and colleagues offer invaluable assistance to Canadian companies with a global vision.

Today, the international business environment is increasingly complicated. There is no doubt that the global opportunities available to Canadian businesses and investors are greater than ever before. But there is also no doubt that the international scene is fluid, ever-changing and ever-challenging.

Canadian businesses looking to expand their economic footprint overseas need all the help they can get. This may be especially true as they look toward the very significant markets presented by the Middle East.

And that reality – combined with a very personal vision held by well-known Waterloo Region businessman Shawky Fahel – has led to the foundation of a dynamic new enterprise, Canada-Middle East Consulting (CMEC). In simplest terms, CMEC facilitates mutual introductions for companies, business organizations and academia interested in doing business between Canada and the Middle East, with the focus on the Gulf States.

The new enterprise will assist in vital areas such as business relations, immigration, health, cultural awareness (including very important background on social differences), Canadian government relations at all levels (federal, provincial and regional), academic relationships, information communications technology, natural resources and the environment and, of course, financing.

CMEC arises from Shawky Fahel’s personal vision. He recently explained the genesis of the new enterprise:

“Since coming to Canada many, many years ago, I have been blessed with a wonderful family and a successful business career. Over the last few years I have been re-inventing my business career. Working with my son, Shaddi, I am pleased that we have been very successful within the JG Group of Companies in divesting from our woodworking enterprise and in opening up several new business opportunities. We have expanded our property development and management activities. I am pleased that Shaddi is taking the lead role in many of our new ventures.”

And Fahel explains the opportunity this has opened up: “Because of our corporate reorganization, I have been able to focus more of my time on a venture that has been a dream of mine for many years – providing consulting services to businesses in Canada interested in opportunities in the Middle East, and providing similar services to Middle East businesses who are interested in opportunities in Canada (with a focus on the Region of Waterloo). A little over two years ago, I established ‘Canada - Middle East Consulting Inc’ (CMEC).”

Since that initial launch, CMEC has attracted a veteran team of experts with experience in many disciplines. The group includes Bob Kalbfleisch, President of RS (Bob) Kalbfleisch Consulting Inc.; Klaudios Mustakas, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, Mustakas & Associates; Dr. Rafat Faraawi, Kitchener Rheumatologist and Faculty Member, McMaster University; Donald Baker, Consultant, International Affairs and International Academia; Don Bourgeois, Waterloo Region-based Lawyer; Ray Simonson, Business Entrepreneur; Douglas Carruthers, CEO and Board Member, Titan Management; Dr. Bob Rosehart, Retired President, Wilfrid Laurier University and Lakehead University; John Gillberry, International strategic advisor; and Mark Whaley, Entrepreneur and City of Waterloo Official.

Fahel is a fan of his people; he says, “CMEC has assembled the finest team of consulting experts, with years of experience in a multitude of businesses, industries, government, academia and knowledge based services.” He adds that CMEC clients “have direct access to this outstanding team of professionals who will connect them to a wide array of opportunities.”

Although CMEC was created more than two years ago, the time since the launch has been used to assemble the impressive team of expert consultants, and for Fahel to continue and expand his international connections. In the last months of 2017 alone, he conducted missions in Dubai, and Australia. CMEC moved into its next stage in late 2017, with the launch of the organization’s new website, at Business opportunities abound for Canadian companies interested in expanding their impact in the Middle East. But as Fahel knows very well, business success in that sector is highly dependent on building successful relationships.

CMEC specializes in providing strategic introductions that allow relationships to get off on the right foot and advice in cultural awareness and understanding, to ensure that clients do not make a false social step. When relationships begin to build, CMEC has the expertise to facilitate trade missions, to assist in obtaining permits and approvals in systems foreign to Canadian business, and in carrying out feasibility studies and helping identify high-potential markets.

To put it another way, CMEC offers Canadian businesses the expertise garnered over decades by Shawky Fahel and his expert colleagues – expertise that only comes with the kind of experience and vision that are the foundation of Canada-Middle East Consulting.

Decades of expertise now available through CMEC Shawky Fahel and colleagues offer invaluable assistance to Canadian companies with a global vision.

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