Strategic Introductions

CMEC provides you with the knowledge, expertise and experience of a large network of successful entrepreneurs, suppliers, and government relations experts. We will make the necessary introductions for you to maximize your success.

Cultural Awareness & Understanding

One of the most important, yet difficult considerations are the cultural differences that arise when doing business in a foreign country. With our expertise and years of experience, we will guide you to decisions that take into consideration all involved parties and help you understand the market in which you will be operating.

Trade Missions

Working with international and local partners, businesses, business associations, academia, governments and government agencies, we provide knowledge and expertise in the design, planning and implementation of trade missions.

Process, Permits & Approvals Assistance

Let us help you with the behind-the-scenes details that is involved when doing business in another country.

Market Identification

We will help take your business to the next level by identifying the markets, opportunities and outlining potential challenges your business may face.

Feasibility Studies

Before proceeding with a venture, it is important to determine the viability of a project prior to investing in risk. CMEC will assist you in doing this work to ensure your sound investment.